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Geographical Information Systems(GIS)

GIS has emerged as powerful tool which has potential to organize complex spatial environment with tabular relationships.

Research and Development Projects

we as research team have been using the expertise of many man hours to understand and develop solution for social civic issues

CAD/GIS Services and Training

we provide quality maintained services on CAD/GIS and have been providing these services from past 14 years for many clientele

Office at India and Australia

Sunsoft office located at Bangalore (The Green City), India and Melbourne, Australia.

Developments of Aeromodels

Designing of small sized flying objects like Radio Controlled Aircraft (RC Aircraft), Gliders and Paper Planes with enormous opportunities to develop innovative thinking and implementation.

Animal Management and Equipments

we design custom equipment to hold or catch an unhealthy but unfriendly urban animal to relocate or rehabilitate and conservation

Sunsoft Technologies was established in the year 1999 both Bangalore (India) and Melbourne (Australia).Having focus on (Geographical Information System) GIS/CAD Project Services and Research for Social cause.Over the decades we are the most preferred and best quality GIS Training and Mapping Services provider for foreign and local students on GIS/ArcGIS/AutoCAD/ArcObjects/ESRI/GIS247 Online /Opensource Quantum GIS(QGIS).Sunsoft has some of the best clientele in Federal Government, Research and Defense establishments.Our research team is using the expertise of many man hours to understand and develop solutions for civic issues.