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Mechanical ->CAD Study Project

Sunsoft Technologies pioneer in CAD/AIRCRAFT/ROBOTS/RENEWABLE ENERGY is glad to provide Design and Fabrication research study projects for students. Since Sunsoft has both design and manufacturing facility. Hence,developing working prototype of innovative products under the supervision of experienced guide is possible at Sunsoft.

Project for Final year students

        Fabrication projects
  • Industrial ROBOTS (Pick & Place)
  • Bullet proof enclosure
  • Load Cell based weighing M/c
  • Mesicopter Flight Vehicle
  • Strain Guage Bending beam Lc
  • Truck load monitoring system
  • Fuel Injector assembly
  • Development of Flying Saucer
  • Bike Hydraulic Jack Assembly
  • Animal Load cage Bar
  • Brake Wear Indicator system
  • Bike cold start power booster
  • Tidal energy generator
  • Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Crane safe lift indicator
Fuel Injector SectionAssembly Crane Lift

Liner Tricopter Mesicopter Parts Strain Gauge

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