Mechanical ->CAD Services


Sunsoft Technologies is the pioneer solution provider on CAD/CAM/CAE services with quality solutions at affordable rates ,a time frame unmatched by anybody and home to major CAD/CAE services worldwide.



  • Product Design from concept / rendering / form Drawings
  • Re-engineering & Reverse engineering
  • Transition of data to Parasolid,IGES,SAT,step,dxf,Dwg,etc
  • digital mock-up
  • Legacy data migration,Conversion of Legacy drawings
  • Development of 3D models based on concept drawings
  • Adoption of concurrent design in product development
  • Revision of drawings/details based on updated specifications
  • Conversion of 2D drawings to 3D models for improved visualization
  • Detailed mechanical manufacturing drawing development for Plastic/Sheet Metal/Casting and other parts and assemblies in 2D
  • Digitization of drawings
  • 3D Solid Model Drawings / Assemblies of complete parts and output in IGES/SAT format
  • Animated files showing moving parts in assembly of parts in 3D Environment. Reverse Engineering Jobs. CAD Customization.
  • Scanning and plotting of large drawings
  • Graphic Development
  • Projects having Database connectivity of drawings
  • Finite Element modeling (Shells and Solids)
  • Stress,Durability analysis of components, sub-systems and systems
  • Normal Modes analysis of components, sub-systems and systems
  • Heat Transfer / Thermal
  • Topology and weight optimization

The CAD/CAM/CAE industry today is one of the fastest growing industries. It has reached out to all industries , areas of operation and expertise to make their working more efficient. The CAD/CAM/CAE industry is progressing at a rapid rate.... To keep pace with this industry and integrate with this is the aim of SST. We combine the latest technology with creativity to become a name to reckon with over time.
Our full- fledged cell consists of dedicated engineers who are well qualified and have relevant industry experience.

SST strength of academicians and engineers provides the right platform that industries can make use of to solve problems that require such expertise. The availability of resources both in terms of manpower and technology at the center has been made use of to provide quality solutions at competitive rates and always delivered on time and with uncompromising quality.


Why Convert Paper Drawings to CAD ?

While CAD systems have become commonplace in most engineering offices, the integration of manually created drawings with the CAD system is still a topic that many professionals disagree on. Three solutions to this problem exist today

  • CAD Conversion
  • Scanning and Editing a Raster Image
  • Manually Maintaining Drawings on Paper.

CAD conversion offers significant advantages over other methods such as significant cost saving, increased drawing value, and improved overall drawing management efficiency

Reduce the Cost of Revisions.

Revisions done in CAD may be 2-8 times faster than the same revision done by manual methods. Conversion allows the user to take advantage of these savings even when working with old paper drawings.
Cost of revision may be further reduced by shortening the time of CAD revisions. Converting drawings to fully vectorized files increases the ease of editing. The user no longer needs to switch back and forth between raster and vector files. Conversion utilizes a CAD system to its fullest extent.

Add Value to Drawings.

Once the drawing is in CAD format, the uses for it increase dramatically. For instance, intelligent CAD files can be used with cost estimating software, facilities management applications such as area calculation and inventory tracking as well as engineering design and analysis software or numerically controlled machining in manufacturing.
Intelligent CAD drawings can also significantly reduce the time required to extract data from the drawings and enter it into databases which are used for such things as maintenance and material control, project management, quality assurance attributes with symbols from a vectorized drawing.

Reduce Drawing Life Cycle Cost

Since conversion is a one-time cost, the second and third revisions to a drawing produce even greater saving, reducing the overall cost of maintaining a drawing throughout its useful life. This saving also results in earlier payback for conversion projects.

Create a Standard Filing System

Establishing CAD as the standard filing procedure will decrease the amount of engineering time spent looking for drawings, and also the number of lost drawings. Filing more drawings electronically may also reduce square footage being used to store paper drawings.

Obtain a Competitive Advantage

Converting drawings to CAD allows a firm to project a consistent, progressive, and high quality image to their clients by eliminating the use of outdated manual drafting methods. CAD is recognized as the industry standard in technical drafting and can now be used for drawings which were created before CAD.

Maintain a Consistent Level of Quality for all Your Projects

Begin the commitment of quality at the very first stage of any project; even those projects utilizing old and tattered paper drawings. With CAD conversion, company standards such as text fonts, line weights and other drafting standards are enforced. CAD drawings offer a much higher and more consistent level of quality.