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Sunsoft TechnologiesTraining center has both CAD design department and shop-floor for manufacturing electro-mechanical components. This unique option of CAD/CAM and Shop-floor will help students to expand knowledge to build any complex products (Robots, Transducers, Renewable energy, Helicopters, etc) from scratch to the real prototype working model, keeping in view the cost and inventory

The students are guided by industry experts with 15years of experience in India & Australia in various fields. All schedules are both classroom & online at convenient timing to suite every need and its generally one on one.

The syllabus is an extract to match the latest requirements in companies with excellent job success rate. This program will enhances complete personality which is coupled with Design, Production, Quality, HR Skills and onsite industrial working experience with complex projects, making you dynamic, multiskilled & innovative.



Project for Final year students

Fabrication Projects



  • Industrial ROBOTS (Pick & Place)
  • Bullet proof enclosure
  • Load Cell based weighing M/c


  • Mesicopter Flight Vehicle
  • Strain Guage Bending beam Lc
  • Truck load monitoring system
  • Fuel Injector assembly
  • Development of Flying Saucer
  • Bike Hydraulic Jack Assembly
  • Animal Load cage Bar
  • Brake Wear Indicator system
  • Bike cold start power booster
  • Tidal energy generator
  • Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Crane safe lift indicator
Strain Guage Robot Fuel Injector Load Cell Mesicopter Parts Robot Single Arm Crane Lift Liner Tricopter

Aeroplane Projects
Project Parts
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