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Sunsoft Technologies India & Australia has been providing GIS(Geographical Information System) mapping services for many renowned clients like Geological Survey of India(GSI), ISRO, NAL, GTRE, SKM both in India & Australia .Sunsoft have been using latest GIS Softwares from ESRI ARCGIS10 , AutoDesk AutoCAD2012 , Opensource QuantumGIS1.8(QGIS) and SpacEyes 3D for providing a quality mapping solutions and services as mentioned below


It specializes in the areas of :

  • GIS solutions
  • Map conversions
  • Transportation Network and Utility GIS Mapping
  • Cartography works
  • Geological survey maps, Under ground water management
  • Path tracing, Environment hazards, Seismogram, CDP
  • 3d analysis of archeological monuments with data attachments
  • Thematic GIS Mapping, Photogramtry
  • Attribute data attachment
  • Urban development and Planning
  • Development of 3D models based on concept drawings
  • Adoption of concurrent design in product development
  • Revision of drawings/details based on updated specifications
  • Digitalization of old pen & ink drawing

The Geographical Information System (GIS) industry is undergoing significant and far reaching changes. GIS industry growth is being driven by rapidly spreading use of mapping and spatial data technology in brand new disciplines by customers representing new industries markets and applications. At the same time, traditional GIS user organizations are averaging their investments through integration and departmental information systems.

GIS is emerging as one of the most powerful information inputs in areas Water management, Power Management,Telecommunication, Town planning, Urban development, Information center, Tourism Department, Natural Resource Managementn,Natural Hazard Management Transportation Networks etc.

What GIS can do for you?
Perform Geographic Queries and Analysis
The ability of GIS is to search databases and perform geographic queries has saved many companies literally millions of dollars. GIS has helped to reduce cost by

  • Streamlining customer service
  • Reducing land acquisition costs through better analysis.
  • Reducing fleet maintenance costs through better logistics.
  • Analyzing data quickly, as in this example:

A realtor could use a GIS to find all houses within a certain area that have tiled roofs and five bedrooms, then list their characteristics.
The query could be further refined by adding criteria - the house must cost less than $100 per square foot. You could also list houses within a certain distance of a school


Our Team

Our team consists of qualified engineers from various disciplines & postgraduates in Geography & Earth sciences. We attribute the success of GIS/CADD group to our members, consisting of Project Managers, Process Engineers, Group Leaders, Production team members & Quality Assurance members. With over 20 man-years of map data conversion and project execution experience we are 100% confident of proposing workable solution to any new client


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