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Sunsoft Technologies offers a wide range of industrial and real time research projects under the supervision of expirenced GIS professionals at Sunsoft.

We organize special training events in areas of high skill requirement. Classroom instructions is available at our center for accomplishing complex GIS projects.Sunsoft also provides online GIS project guidance for remotely placed students.The following are few gis internship research projects,


GIS Research Projects

GIS Application Title
  • GIS Applications for Site Planning
  • Rural Wireless Communications Mapping
  • Real Estate Application for City, Zonal, Local using GIS
  • Crop Acreage and Production Estimation using GIS and RS
  • Calculating Impermeable Surface Area
  • Wild life management Plants, Animals, Species Etc
  • GIS in Archaeological Predictive Modeling
  • Radio Network Creation using GIS Mapping
  • Climatic variance using GIS
  • Flood Prediction Model for Human damming Projects
  • Determining effects of Slope on Tree Growth Rates
  • Logistics Management Analysis
  • Determining Potential Fire Point of Ignitions in Forest area
  • Hurricane Impact and Hazard Mapping
  • GIS Based atlas on potential mariculture
Gis Airline Mapping Gis Mapping for Radio Network creation Gis Mapping for Hazard and Hurricane impact Gis for Wildlife GIS for water pollution mapping Gis 3d Analysis Gis for Realestate

Gis for solar power management

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