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Animal Equipments

We are into Research and designing of Animal Managment Equipments. We make custom equipment to hold or catch an unhealthy but unfriendly urban animal to relocate or rehabilitate and conservation. On request we also design and develop different animal equipments used for protection and conservation. We pride ourselves in building a successful and close working relationship with all NGO, with the aim of establishing a strong technical link, to the benefit of both Animal and Nature


List of Equipments


  1. Animal holder
  2. Net launcher
  3. Snake bags
  4. Snake hooks
  5. Snake tongs
  6. Carrier cages
  7. Stretchers
  8. Artificial organ
  9. Load cage bar
  10. Weighing scale
  11. Nest replica
  12. GIS Water Mapping
  13. GPS Tracing system
  14. GIS Mapping of forest fire
  15. 3D Spatial water shed analysis

manufacture of artificial organs net launcher to conserve wildlife animal bag for wildlife stretchers for pets and wild animals animal holder snake hook conservation of snakes using snake bags carrier cages for wildlife management